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Its been a while

Its been a while since we’ve both posted. Life has been busy. We are still trying to cook as much of our own food as possible. Baking bread and making granola our two of my new weekly habits. Just as … Continue reading

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Lamb Carbonade:Home Brew and Lamb Stew

I’ve been trying to decide what to do with the big pack of lamb shoulder chops that we got from the farm last month. I hate to waste any food on a bad recipe, but since lamb is not always … Continue reading

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FrenchToast Post

Breakfast is the most significant meal of the day. From a health perspective, this meal provides the energy boost and calories to carry you through the day. From a spiritual perspective, the first meal of the day reconnects us with … Continue reading

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On a roll with breakfast burritos

One of the final holdouts in our otherwise local, slow and natural kitchen were the frozen burritos from a major convenience food brand. This was perhaps one of the hardest changes to make. While leftovers for lunches and stew pot … Continue reading

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Local Eggs & No Knead Bread = Egg Salad Sandwich

John and I have been trying to find a convenient place to source local eggs since the big egg scare. We have purchased them on occasion from our CSA, but they aren’t always available and they are a bit pricey … Continue reading

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Cheddah Chive Sticks: A New England Version of a Southern Snack.

I enjoy a good food blog now and then. I really enjoy reading how someone tweaked a recipe and made it their own, what their challenges were in cooking a dish and,of course, drooling over the beautifully photographed results.  So … Continue reading

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March Share – In like a Lamb.

Tuesday  was the pickup for our meat CSA. Each month’s share  is like getting a surprise gift when we open the cooler.  When we get a very special cut of meat there  are even high fives or cheering. Yes we … Continue reading

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