About John

My name is John Longworth, I am a Lutheran Pastor in Worcester, MA where I live with my spouse Sara.  Our family also includes a rambunctious Boston Malt-Terrier named Matteo.  My call includes  serving  both a large downtown parish and the students of one of our city’s universities.

My love of fresh food began at my grandfather’s farm where he regularly raised large crops of vegetables and fruits which he generously shared with the whole family.  My interest in food policy, agriculture and sustainability began in the 90’s when I worked in human services in Hartford, CT.  Assisting hungry families with attaining emergency food brought me into contact with the local service level agencies like pantries and soup kitchens.  It also taught me about the regional food bank systems that distribute government, producer and post-retail surplus.

I have been profoundly affected by the documentaries Supersize Me! and Food, Inc. and further challenged by James Howard Kuntsler’s The Long Emergency.  I believe that the future of food revolves around safe, locally grown organic farming and gardening.  A world where every calorie is produced with 10 calories of fossil fuels is unsustainable.  Food is God’s great gift to give us energy for life.  When we turn it into poison with chemicals, additives, and mutant organisms we not only endanger ourselves, we ruin this good gift.  I am excited to learn all about permaculture and to be a part of the positive change to real food.


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