Local Eggs & No Knead Bread = Egg Salad Sandwich

John and I have been trying to find a convenient place to source local eggs since the big egg scare. We have purchased them on occasion from our CSA, but they aren’t always available and they are a bit pricey (though delicious). My mother buys her eggs from a 4-H student who raises chickens and she would get us a dozen every time we visited, but that is too infrequent. We’ve been making do with cage-free natural eggs from the grocery store, but still don’t feel comfortable buying big agriculture products. Plus they are expensive. Certified organic eggs are completely out of our price range at the grocery store at $3.50 for 1/2 dozen.

Then we remembered our favorite ice cream shop also has a dairy store. Gibson Farms is located on Sunderland Ave in Worcester. John checked them out last week and was able to snag a 1/2 gallon glass bottle of local all natural milk for $3.50 (including a dollar deposit on the bottle)  and dozen all natural cage-free, AGH and antibiotic free local eggs for $3.  I can happily say we will be supporting this local business (and therefore even more local farms) every week or so for our milk and eggs from now on.  I especially look forward to shopping there in the summer, when their ice cream stand is open too!

So with all these fresh eggs in the fridge, I decided an egg salad sandwich would be just the thing for a quick meal on Monday. John was at work so I just had to cook for myself. The egg salad was nothing fancy,  just a chopped hard boiled egg and some wasabi mayo, but the bread made the meal.

Off and on, John and I have made our own bread for sandwiches and general consumption. John is a great bread maker, but has very little free time to make bread these days. I’ve got more time, but my success has varied. Sometimes I have some great breads and sometimes, well, not so much. I finally wanted to find a fool proof recipe and discovered the no-knead bread recipe. This was originally featured in the New York Times in 2006 and has been an  internet sensation, showing up on hundreds of food blogs and websites. So I’m a few years behind the curve on this one.

The bread is fantastic and everyone should try this at least once. The recipe creates very wet dough that requires minimal handling but needs to rest for 12-18 hours before baking it in a “fake bread oven”. The use of a covered dutch oven or casserole dish captures the steam from the mixture while it is baking, creating an awesome crust. I made a normal loaf (used for the egg salad sandwich) and a fantastic table loaf  with the addition of a tablespoon each of greek seasoning and olive oil. Below are some links for the original no knead bread recipe:

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2 Responses to Local Eggs & No Knead Bread = Egg Salad Sandwich

  1. Nancy Honore says:

    Have you checked out any of Peter Reinhart’s books about bread baking? His recipes are really detailed, but that makes it hard to go wrong. His Artisan Bread Everyday (I think that’s the title) is a really great book that I’ve checked out from the library more than once. There’s a really great recipe for marble rye that will make your house smell like the Colchester Bakery.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have to check if the Worcester library has any of his books. Meanwhile, I found a recipe for cinnamon raisin bread attributed to him online and am making it tonight so we can try it as french toast!

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