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FrenchToast Post

Breakfast is the most significant meal of the day. From a health perspective, this meal provides the energy boost and calories to carry you through the day. From a spiritual perspective, the first meal of the day reconnects us with … Continue reading

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On a roll with breakfast burritos

One of the final holdouts in our otherwise local, slow and natural kitchen were the frozen burritos from a major convenience food brand. This was perhaps one of the hardest changes to make. While leftovers for lunches and stew pot … Continue reading

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Local Eggs & No Knead Bread = Egg Salad Sandwich

John and I have been trying to find a convenient place to source local eggs since the big egg scare. We have purchased them on occasion from our CSA, but they aren’t always available and they are a bit pricey … Continue reading

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Cheddah Chive Sticks: A New England Version of a Southern Snack.

I enjoy a good food blog now and then. I really enjoy reading how someone tweaked a recipe and made it their own, what their challenges were in cooking a dish and,of course, drooling over the beautifully photographed results.  So … Continue reading

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March Share – In like a Lamb.

Tuesday  was the pickup for our meat CSA. Each month’s share  is like getting a surprise gift when we open the cooler.  When we get a very special cut of meat there  are even high fives or cheering. Yes we … Continue reading

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